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PrepaidCardStatus is an online website or portal where you can do the activation of your prepaid card or register for free to check the balance. You can check the balance of Visa cards, MasterCard, or even gift cards, and also you can check the details like recent transactions, withdrawal histories, monthly card statements at

In today’s era, it’s become very essential to have a credit or prepaid card so you can spend money in a more convenient way. But if you want to register for a credit card then you require saving or checking bank account for this purpose.

Also, you should have a high or good credit score if you want to apply for a credit card. And we know that not every person is able to maintain a good credit score so that’s why prepaid cards come into place. Therefore, you can have multiple prepaid cards without having any bank account or a better credit score.

For more details and information about plastic money, please keep reading our guidelines about how to check prepaid card status.


Name of the WalletPrepaidCardStatus
Address of Official
Website TypeCheck Balance of Prepaid Card & Gift Card
Check Balance/Activate CardOnline
Official LoginClick Here

This is a complete guide about how to check the prepaid credit card balance. So if you are a prepaid cardholder and you just received your card then you need to activate it first. Similarly, if you want to check the balance of your visa or gift card then there is no better site and wallet then to It’s one single wallet for all of your cards.

However, the process for activation and register is very easy but you certainly need to know how to do it properly. Nowadays, there are so many sites that are giving the guide for the activation and register but are they really worth it? well, we will leave it up to you.

At our site, we are devoted to serving you best of best and that’s our moto as well. I hope you will get all the information regarding confirming your card, checking balance or anything related to it. We have also added a bunch of top most asked questions and their answers in the end. So if you have any questions you can find a proper answer there.

So now let’s start the activation process. card activation

The initial step to using your card is that you need to activate it. And without the activation of your ATM cards, you cannot use it. So, let us help you out in the process of activating your credit card online.

  • First of all, you need to collect the activation details of your credit card so you can follow the activation process slickly.
  • Are you wondering where to get these activation details? You don’t need to worry at all. Because all you have to do is to check your email address which was used to order a card.
  • You will see card activation details and a link for activation as well. Follow the link and provide some necessary information like:
  • Card Number and Security Code Number
  • Expiry and Issue Date
  • Zip Code
  • Your prepaid credit card will be activated and ready to use after submitting these details.
  • Once your card is activated, it’s time to get benefits from it. You can use your card anywhere or according to the policy of the issuer. 

However, most of the cards are issued by Visa and MasterCard. And you can use Visa and MasterCard almost anywhere in the world.

Officially Login & Check your Prepaid Card Status & Balance

Official Login & Card Confirmation Guide

So after successfully activating your card on PrepaidCardStatus, now you can use your card and make some transactions through it. And after using your card, you need to check your prepaid card balance regularly so you would know how much money is remaining.

Imagine, if you are in a superstore, restaurant or at a ATM, and you swipe your card to do the payment or withdraw cash. But what happened next is that you see a declined transaction due to insufficient balance. So what would be your reaction? It would be embarrassing certainly.

So to avoid embarrassment, you need to keep an eye on your card’s balance. And here is a guide on how you can check your card balance online at There is also a complete video guide above.

Official Register & Login
Official Register & Login
  • Visit the official website’s homepage at or click on the blue button
  • You need to visit the website directly as they have restricted the redirect user’s access.
  • Once you landed on the official site’s homepage, you will see a login dialogue
  • Now, if you have already registered with My Prepaid Card Status, then login with your username and password
  • And if you are new at Prepaid Card Status, then you need to log in with your card’s information
  • You need to enter your card number which is of 16 digits
  • Also, you need to enter CVS or security code number of 3 digits which is usually printed on the backside of the card
  • Now click on Login
  • Now you can check your card balance online

Register a Card at PrepaidCardStatus

Create Wallet
Create Wallet

And now it’s time for creating a prepaidcardstatus account for your cards. Once you logged in, now your next task is to create a wallet. However, the process of creating a wallet is easy-peasy and you just need to follow the footprints.

  • Login to your account with your card’s details
  • Once you land on your homepage then click on add a new card
  • The new pop-up dialogue will open to fill up with wallet details
  • Enter your details such as
  • Choose a Username
  • Then enter your first and last name
  • Put email address
  • Create a strong password
  • Choose a security question and answer
  • Click on create wallet

Benefits of Using PrepaidCardStatus Portal Services

If you are not using PrepaidCardStatus until now then you are missing a good service indeed. And this is the best platform for beginners and frequent card users.

Let us share some of the very best advantages of PrepaidCardStatus with you.

Benefits of PrepaidCardStatus
No Bank Account Required: If you are using PrepaidCardStatus, then you won’t need any saving or checking bank account to check the prepaid card details
Free of Cost: The biggest advantage of PrepaidCardStatus is that it is free from any type of fee and monthly or annually charges
Global Access: You can access the site whenever you want and wherever from you want
Check History: In just one click, you can check and monitor the all details and history of your prepaid card
24/7 Support: The customer support is pretty awesome, and you can ask for help anytime
Easy Access: You can access your account online and via phone as well
Customize your Profile: You can edit or change your prepaid card billing details anytime
Answers of your Questions: There is a complete F.A.Q list for most commonly asked question by customers
One Wallet for all your Prepaid Cards: You can add multiple prepaid cards into one wallet
Keep eye on your Balance: Check your any prepaid card balance instantly

What are Prepaid, Debit and Credit Cards?

With the rise of technology, the paper currency is now replaced with a plastic currency or credit cards. Now you can carry a huge amount of cash with you without any fear.

Currently, we are using three different kinds of cards that are:

  1. Prepaid Cards
  2. Debits Cards
  3. Credit Cards

Prepaid Card: A prepaid card is a kind of card that requires you to fill up with cash before you use it. It is the most convenient type of card that you can use even if you don’t have any bank account. It’s the best thing for shoppers.

Debit Cards: A debit card is another type of card that is similar to a prepaid card. But these types of card requires a bank account and often issued by a bank authority.

Credit Cards: A credit card is a free form of a card that you can use without top-up any money into the card. It is a payment card that you can use to shop at merchants and get goods and services. But you have to return the cash to the bank with extra charges.

A credit card is printed with a bank card number which is authorized with the ISO/IEC 7812 numbering system. Also credit cards have a computer chip embedded in them with security details and a magnetic stripe by ISO/IEC 7813 as well.

Benefits of Prepaid Cards

There are so many reasons to use prepaid cards. And we will discuss some of the genuine reasons to use prepaid card services.

  1. One of the best ways to use a card is to use it as a gift. Yes, you can use gift cards to make your friends and family members happy
  2. It is a very secure and fast way to send money to your relatives and friends
  3. You should use the cards when you are shopping online. As the prepaid cards are preloaded with funds so there is a minimal risk to use them while buying a thing online
  4. Another good point about the prepaid card is that you will remain anonymous while using it. And you can also change the name and address according to your wish
  5. Prepaid Card is more like saving card. And you can save lots of money due to a limited amount of money on it. And compare to the debit card, it is worthy to use
  6. If you are an online gaming guy, then you must use a prepaid card to buy any game online
  7. You don’t need any credit score to get a prepaid card, so it is very useful for those who have a bad credit score

Is PrepaidCardStatus Legit?

Yes, PrepaidCardStatus is 100% legit and authentic. And you can use its services without any fear. The platform of PrepaidCardStatus is very convenient for prepaid cardholders. And they can access their cash and transaction details easily.

So don’t be worry about the legitimacy of Prepaid Card Status and use it frequently.

As we mentioned some of the advantages of this site above, so now you should be satisfied with this site.

Can I Activate a Card at

In a nutshell, Yes, if we talk about the activation of a card then yes you can do it. So, you want to assure that MyPrepaidCenter is the same as the PrepaidCardStatus? Don’t worry we will explain it to you in detail.

In basics, the functions and specialty of both sites are the same. And both sites are providing you a podium to check any card’s balance, transaction history, and other types of details online.

In more detail, both sites are similar due to the services. And you can check it with the help of our guide.

  • Both are known for checking the card balance and status
  • Also, both sites are providing good services
  • You can check your all recent transactions and details of any payment on both websites

F.A.Q of PrepaidCardStatus

What is PrepaidCardStatus?

PrepaidCardStatus is a convenient podium or platform for prepaid cardholders, where they can manage lots of cards under one roof easily.
On PrepaidCardStatus, a person can check his all added card details like,
i) Card balance
ii) Recent transactions
iii) A full history of all transactions and many more

Is PrepaidCardStatus com legit?

Yes, of course, PrepaidCardStatus is convenient and legit as well. You can add your card there without any issue.
The trust level of PrepaidCardStatus is very high. People are trusting the platform and they are managing their cards easily.

How do I check the balance on my prepaid Visa?

The extremely easy way to check the balance on your Visa prepaid card is PrepaidCardStatus. You can check any type of card balance or status on PrepaidCardStatus.
Just signup or login if you already have registered with PrepaidCardStatus then add your card details and check all the details of your card in one step.

How do I check my MasterCard balance?

The process of checking any MasterCard balance is not a big deal. If your MasterCard is a prepaid card then you can check the balance on MyPrepaidStatus anytime.

How do I check my card status?

The best way to check the status of the card is PrepaidCardStatus which lets you manage a lot of cards in one place.

PrepaidCardStatus Customer Service

If you have any further inquiries or you want to submit a complaint or renew an expired card then you can contact PrepaidCardStatus frequently.

They have superb customer service. And you can ask for help at any time.

 You can call at:

Customer Service Phone Number: +1-866-230-3809


PrepaidCardStatus is the perfect portal to check your prepaid card’s balance online and keep a record of everything about your card. It’s free and easy to use as well. So get register today and enjoy the conveniences.

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