Check Visa Gift Card Balance On PrepaidCardStatus

Do you ever get a gift card and you don’t know where to check it’s the balance? In this guide, I will let you know how you can check the visa gift card balance online. Visa has numerous gift cards which they issue to different merchants and banks.

Prepaidcardstatus is the online portal where you can check the visa gift card balance.

Check Visa Gift Card Balance with PrepaidCardStatus


If you want to check the simple Visa gift card balance then you can check it on prepaidcardstatus and over the phone call as well. You need to look at the backside of your gift card and you will see a website address or a toll-free phone number.

Simply make a call on the phone number and ask them for your gift card balance or you can visit the website alternatively where you can log in and check your balance.

If your card hasn’t any phone number and Url at its backside, then you can check your balance on prepaidcardstatus.

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your username and password or you can use your card number as well
  3. Now enter to dashboard and check the balance

All these gift cards can add up in prepaidcardstatus.

  1. Vanilla visa gift card balance
  2. Walmart visa gift card balance
  3. Target visa gift card balance
  4. MasterCard gift card balance

Check Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance

So if you have got a Vanilla Visa gift card and you want to check the remaining balance of your card then follow the instructions.

  • Visit the official website here
  • Enter your gift card number
  • Enter gift card expiry date
  • Click on sign in 
  • Once you sign in now you can check your Vanilla gift card balance easily.

The Vanilla gift card is issued by the Meta bank and Bancorp bank. This gift card is very popular in the United States and people like to gift this card to their specials ones on special occasions. 

And besides the Vanilla, the Visa gift card is also issued by the US Bank.

How to check Walmart Gift card Balance?

So if you have a Walmart Visa gift card then you can check its balance here.

  • Visit the following URL
  • Now once you landed on the webpage, you will see the two blank boxes which will be labeled as “Gift Card Number” and “PIN/Security Code 4 Digits”
  • So now enter your card number along with security code 
  • If you are using an e-Gift card then your 4 digit PIN will be in your email and for the physical or plastic cardholder, they need to check the back of their card
  • Fill up the captcha and click on get your balance
  • Either way you can check your gift card balance through the phone. You need to check the backside of your card for a toll-free number and then dial it.
  • After your call is received, follow the prompts to know your balance on the phone.

Online Check Target Gift card Balance

We have two ways to check the gift card balance, one is the internet and the other is with a phone call. Now let’s start with the online method.

  • All you have to do is just follow the address
  • On that official website, you need to enter your gift card number along with its access number
  • To get your access number, you need to peel off the metallic stripe on the back of the card
  • Under the stripe, you will get both card number and access number
  • Now put these numbers in the blank boxes and click on check balance
  • Here your balance is

So now check your balance on the toll-free number.

  • Again on the back of your card, you will get a toll free helpline number
  • Call on that
  • Follow the instructions
  • Check your balance


Getting a gift card is pretty awesome feelings and no one can deny this truth. So we should share love through gifting these cards to our beloved family members, Childs, friends, and even colleagues. 

And if they want to know their Visa gift card balances on Prepaidcardstatus then you very well know what you should recommend them.

Keep spreading happiness! 

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