About Us

Welcome to Our website “PrepaidCardStatus” which is a financial education site specifically about prepaid cards. This website is own by a very experienced financial expert whose name is “Ben Wills” and he is the author of this website as well. Here at our website, we have a group of classified staff who are well experienced and have done a lot of research on prepaid cards, credit cards, and the whole baking systems.

Purpose of Creating PrepaidCardStatus

So, why we started this website?… As a member of this professional team, my position is as head of all staff. I am currently managing all the things related to this website. So let’s come back to the purpose of this website. And the reason was so interesting. It all started when Ben Wills who is CEO and founder of this website came to me and asked me that, do you want to create a platform where you can help our people who are struggling with prepaid card related things? And my answer was a Big Yes.

So he started to work on this project and he recruits all the experts and professionals he can. And then start a website where you are reading it today. So the sole purpose of creating this platform is to educate people and solve their small to some complicated problems with prepaid cards.

So currently, we are taking steps to improve our site for better user experience and educate the people as much as we can. But to be honest, it requires a lot of funds to maintain a website like this. We have to pay our employees, building rents, business tax, and many more things. So we can not run this platform on our own. So we may use some ads like Google Adsense to monetize this site. Believe me it’s needed.

At this time we are providing information for the following issues.

  • How to check your Prepaid Card Status
  • How you can check your Prepaid Card Balance Online
  • What is the procedure to register a prepaid card online
  • Some useful tips and guides

So now you fully understand the reasons for building this platform and it’s all for your help and guides. If you have any questions, suggestions to improve or anything you want to ask then contact us at authorbenwills@gmail.com

Thanks for Visiting!